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Fancy Mandarin Studio
Your School of Chinese Language


  • One teacher for no more than six students;

  • Regular exams to maintain quality;

  • Well-structured, clear and student-oriented classes;

  • Exceptional discount policy;

Our team

Hi Students,


Qian Hong


Lin Ran



Shen Fei


Our Studio is a boutique school of Chinese language education.

  • The native language of all our teachers is Chinese.
    They are highly qualified and motivated. We update them depending on the results achieved - we put only the best players into play - just like a football team!

We hire dozens of professional teachers, which is understandable - China represents a vast resource for that.

  • You are twins, siblings, a pregnant mother, a veteran, disabled, unemployed or you bring your friends to the course, we'll make an impressive discount for you.

  • We closely monitor the progress of each of our students. It lets us keep them updated on their progress and any omissions. Our Studio also allows students to evaluate the course they are enrolled in.

  • Our groups are no more than six people - an even number. To be able to include dialogic and interactive learning with attention to each of our students, their progress and weaknesses (grammar, pronunciation, writing, etc.)

  • We will not take your money in vain, and you will be advised (as gently as possible) to improve your performance if you are not doing well enough (the same counts for your child's progress).


We also offer you to share with us your suggestions and ideas. For example, what can we include in the courses, enrich them and make them more understandable? How to better take into account your time?
All these reasons make us your best friend in learning this ancient and rich language. They are a reason to CHOOSE US! ENJOY your time with US!

What Are Our Teaching Practice and Certificates?

We do not take your money for a certificate or test. We take them to teach you. This is our vocation. Since the teaching profession is the most noble in nature, we believe that the essential value is knowledge, not paper. We provide you with a certificate after each level. The certificate is from Fancy Mandarin Studio and states that you passed the level successfully (if so). If you need an official diploma, you can pass the relevant test with the Hanban - an agency of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, which is the only recognized institution to provide you with an official record.

Does the School Have a Teaching Methodology that Suits My Needs?

We all have different learning styles, and there are many different approaches that a language teacher or school can take to help you learn a new language. Some schools focus heavily on teaching grammar and vocabulary with little opportunity for communication, while others focus primarily on communication with little or no language support. Following our philosophy, we use a balanced approach and various teaching styles to meet learners’ needs flexibly. When necessary to emphasize an aspect, like communication, let's say, we encourage our students to choose the appropriate course for their interest course - ‘Spoken Chinese’ or ‘Beginners' Chinese’ in this case. They are also provided with the opportunity to enroll in different courses at any next level according to their needs and weaknesses. Meanwhile we continue supervising their progress. That also means that we developed an appropriate set of courses to cover diverse interests in a balanced way over time which could flexibly change according to particular needs. Last but not least, we are continuously maintaining communication with our students to improve our teaching effectiveness and their experience.

What is the Format of the Classes?

As already mentioned, our philosophy sticks to an educational balance and flexibility that, of course, reflects our courses. - These are HSK 1 to 6, Beginners' Chinese, Chinese for Kids, Business Chinese, and Spoken Chinese. One can get acquainted with their brief description below. This will improve one’s chances of making an informed choice. - Each of the courses contains Speaking, Reading, and Listening. Writing is included in HSKs 3-6, but the other courses have an option “with or without writing”. Students will be appointed to the relevant group according to their choice. - It is near impossible to learn the Chinese language without considering Chinese culture. They are tangibly and inextricably linked. So, all of our courses are enriched with broad cultural content to boost understanding and logical interpretations. - It is necessary to provide learners with special pronunciation exercises to improve their interaction and communication abilities. We offer this to our students in a dedicated time for each 2-3 classes. Each of the courses has two or more tests during the course responsible for returning feedback and indicating the areas of necessary emphasis. - To make the lessons even more attractive, they are accompanied by games and quizzes for both children and adults. - And finally, we offer you the opportunity to learn the Chinese language at an Intensive or regular speed. There is no better option for this in terms of learning achievements. It entirely depends on your time capabilities.

How Many Students Are There in an Average Class? … and Why?

Our practice shows that it is much more convenient to have small groups at the lower level of studying the Chinese language. The group size of 4 - 6 students is optimal. Two major reasons can be pointed here: 1. When starting to learn a language, many repetitions and memorisation are necessary about basic phrases, pronunciation and language “habits” forming. The teacher can render some special attention to all of the students. Meanwhile, they are enough to represent a good set for diverse communication with each other. This approach gives you strength and confidence. 2. Interaction with other students is crucially important because as we learn a new language, we adopt some behavioural patterns related to the semantic “mindset”. You will build stronger connections in a funny environment in your boutique group. You'll learn to smile and be happy when using the Chinese language. Following that, we can shape our classroom strategy. It is a combination of “the teacher leader” and “round classroom”. The teacher leads the group when the students are novices and close to them. When the students "start to walk", the teacher knows that he must "remain in the shadows". At that point, she/he starts stimulating initiatives and interactions between them. However, the higher proficiency levels (HSK5, HSK6) are more effective in 1-on-1 lessons. The students already have the basics and usually need some time to ask and exercise specific questions.

What is the Placement Process?

Your first interaction with the FMS is likely to be your course time arrangement or a placement test. We need to know your level to find the right course for you with students from the same level in a group. Another case is that you already know your level or you are an absolute beginner. Placement test with us is a conversation with the teacher. S/he could ask you to translate a sentence from and to Chinese, to read a text or to write something if writing represents an interest for you. The course type (Spoken Chinese, HSK, Business etc.) is based on your choice satisfying your goals.

What is the Difference Between an Intensive and a Regular Program?

The FMS offers you a regular or intensive course choice, which you can choose together with your placement process. Regular courses are 3 hours a week or less divided into 2 sessions (days). Intensive courses are 4 h and 30 min a week or more divided into 3 sessions (days). This is a general consideration working as a golden middle. However, following the demand of the students from a group, we can rearrange the timetable.

How Much Is the Cost, and What Does the Price Include?

Each lesson in our group courses costs between $13 and $17/hour. These are exceptional prices, carefully considered in relation to the quality of education and the special attention we need to offer you. We also provide you with the option of paying in several instalments. Our philosophy of balance affects COURSE COST / COURSE QUALITY/ FMS PROFIT in such a way that everyone involved in the process is satisfied. We are not getting rich overnight at the expense of your training, and we hope to have a long-term and fruitful relationship that fulfils the tasks set for each party. An informed decision is essential for you and for us as well. In addition, the price of any course include a time to make up if you missed up a class or if you have any special difficulties. Additional study materials are also available. When you contact us… After you send us a contact form, we will have a conversation with you to discuss your needs and interests. It is a normal part of the process to be advised by us. Remember that we can only undertake responsible answers to your questions about our courses and training. We select a suitable group according to your level, course preferences, and suitable time. We will organize the first group session for you, which is usually free. After that, you can still cancel or pay for the course. All courses include midterm tests and checkups, which are recommended for the specific course. These will be explained to you by your teacher.

Can I start Classes Immediately?

The quick answer is “Yes”. Personal lessons are available whenever your time allows to start. Each of the courses has at least 1 group starting each month. If we consider the time necessary for the placement test and other arrangements, we can consider this as immediately.

How Do I Make Up If I Miss a Class?

It is not advisable to miss a class, but if it does happen, it would be a good idea to contact your teacher. S/he will give you more homework this time. 10 min before the next session, you will be able to make an individual appointment with the teacher to discuss the homework and any questions about the missed topic.

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