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Explore the Fascinating Features
of the Chinese language

First Free Lesson for Beginners Now!

  • Discover the Chinese language and expand your horizons;

  • Open your mind to the oldest culture, traditions, religions, arts and history;

  • Engage with the world in a more immediate and meaningful way;

  • Build up lifelong friendships in a wholly new universe;

  • Connect with 1/3 of the world;

Our Chinese at Your Services...

What are the standard levels in learning Chinese?

The standard levels in learning the Chinese language are approximately the same as the Common European Framework (CEFR), established in 1996 by the Council of Europe, which sets a standard for the assessment and teaching of languages.

HSK Chinese Mandarin levels explained comapred CERP English.jpg

How much time is needed to learn Chinese?

Levels from HSK1 to HSK4 can be mastered in 1 year within an intensive course - 3-4 hours/week. HSC5 and HSC6 cover a lot more materials, so at the same pace, it will take two more years to study them.

Hours and load for intensive Chinese Mandarin full course.jpg

What can you get from us?

Considering all this language particularities we created for you language courses providing you with:

- design the course according to your personal time and level - 24/7;
- all ages students - from 1 to 100 years and special groups for children;
- focus on students' learning goals and interests;
- small groups adapted to your learning needs;
- a comprehensive learning commitment to Chinese culture;
- a personal phone conversation outlining your preferences;
- regular reviews, tests, exams and finally certificate;
- exceptional discount policy;


We'll be happy to introduce you to our school and answer all your questions here...

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